My name is Maya Valdez. I am an ordinary housewife — except for one thing — I have sex with many different men, and all with permission of my very generous husband. In other words, I live THE HOTWIFE LIFESTYLE.

My husband, Grant and I have been enjoying this lifestyle for about ten years now. There are many variations in Hotwife play, but our style is what they call “Stag/Vixen.” That means that my husband is in charge. He is not a cuckold, and not a ‘sissy-man.’ There is no humiliation involved. He just likes for me to have sex with other men, and he likes to either watch, or get a good story when I get home. Most of the time he finds me my dates. That’s how we like it.

Most of the pictures on here are of me in action, like this one. Why don’t I clearly show my face? I do have a family and a career. I’m entitled to my privacy. But, you’ll see enough to know how I look and the sexy Hotwife Life that I lead.

Please don’t ask me for a date, or for more explicit photos. Either request will be ignored. Just enjoy my true adventuresand learn about my Hotwife 4 Life lifestyle.

A Hotwife is one whose husband allows, or even encourages her to have sexual relations with other men.




Welcome to HOTWIFE 4 LIFE! I am Maya Valdez’s husband, Grant. My wife is a certified, real and true Hotwife for life with a permanent HALL PASS from me.

I enjoy allowing my wife to have other lovers. I feel that it makes her more sexy as a woman, more satisfied as a wife and lover, and ultimately a happier person. Read an article about the benefits of having a HOTWIFE.