Well, this morning I gave Grant his Anniversary Surprise, and surprised he was! Here’s what I did ….

Some months ago I had met a photographer on Swing Lifestyle. His name is Anton. Grant and I had met him once at a party. So, I secretly emailed Anton a few weeks ago to help me out. What I wanted was some sexy Boudoir photos of myself to give as an anniversary gift. Grant is a pretty good photographer, himself but I couldn’t have him take these, because they were to be a surprise.

I had arranged to meet Anton at his house around noon on Saturday. I told Grant that I had to do some Anniversary shopping. Okay, a little white lie, but for a good cause.

I had bought a new, ‘pretty in pink’ corset, matching pink and black lace panties, and thigh-high hosiery for the occasion. I also packed a black feather boa, and black gloves. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use all of these items in the photo shoot, but I wanted to have them available. I hid them in the trunk of my car Friday night, and headed out for Anton’s house around 11:30 the next morning. Grant didn’t suspect anything. He just thought I was heading to the mall. But, I told him, “I might be two or three hours!”

Anton greeted me with a big hug. He said that he hadn’t done any glamour photography in quite some time, and no longer had all of his professional equipment. Apparently, he retired from that business a few years ago. He doesn’t even have a studio in his house anymore, but he set up a temporary one in his bedroom.

Let me mention right here that, if I hadn’t already known Anton quite well, I wouldn’t have gone through with this. I would have figured that he was a phony photographer, just trying to get laid. But, I had been to his house before with Grant, and we had had a foursome with Anton’s girlfriend. Besides, I had seen some of his glamour photography work, and it was good.

Of course, I was nervous, but Anton served me a small glass of White Zin, and that took the edge off. He was very good, and had me feeling relaxed pretty quickly. After a little bit of small talk and a few sips of wine, I was ready to go into the bathroom and change into the tight pink corset.

The corset shows off my boobs really well. Black lace trims the bra cups and covers the pink satin fabric. It has thin shoulder straps, and a black tie ribbon at the cleavage. When I came out of the bathroom, Anton said, “Wow!”

He had me lay down on his king sized bed to pose. He was holding his digital camera in his hand, but he also had a tripod standing by. He took a few initial test shots to get things going. I began to feel relaxed pretty quickly. I leaned on one elbow, and smiled into the camera. He snapped pictures rapidly, so I just kept changing the tilt of my head, or going from a smiling to non-smiling, sultry expression.

Anton had me sit up on my knees, and we got some shots, then I lay on my back, and turned my head to look at the camera. With each shot, it got easier and more relaxed.

“How about a different costume now, Maya?” He asked.

“How about no costume?” I said with a giggle.

“Nude?” he said.

I smiled, and said, “Why not?”

I dashed into the bathroom to get my feather boa and gloves. When I came back out, I was totally nude, except for the gloves, and the boa draped around my shoulders.

“Now, we’re talking,” Anton beamed.

Back onto the bed I went for a series of nude poses. I forgot to mention that I had a bit more of my wine while in the bathroom, so I was feeling pretty bold by this time. I tried to remember poses that I had seen in glamour magazines, or even on porn sites. I was really having fun, and I could clearly see that Anton was getting a hard on while shooting the pics.

I draped the feather boa over my breasts, and around my neck, over one shoulder, and even discarded it altogether. I got some with my black-gloved hands covering my tits, and some that were straight out naked. Anton and I were both having fun with it.

Among other things, Anton is a gun collector. I had noticed an antique pistol over his dresser. “It might be fun to pose with that gun,” I said.

He got a devilish smile, and fetched the gun down for me. He said it was safe, and hadn’t been fired in nearly 100 years. I posed with it seductively, acting like I was blowing down the barrel. I guess it looked pretty good. Anton was very fascinated with the way my lips were against the hard steel.

“Grant is going to love these pics,” he said.

I thought about what Grant would like. I had an idea. “You know what Grant would really love? He’d love some pictures of you fucking me?”

“He would?” Anton was very surprised. “No way! Are you sure?”

“I know my husband,” I said. “He’d like that.”

I was picturing Grant receiving the glamour pics on the morning of our anniversary. I know that the sexy nature of them would turn him on. I figured that I’d give him the lingerie ones first, then graduate to the nudes. Once he got sufficiently turned on by those, knowing him, he would go bonkers to see photos of me fucking and blowing another man. He likes to watch that in person, and he once watched me on webcam with a guy. So, why wouldn’t he like a surprise batch of pictures with me having sex with Anton?

“Well, who am I to say no to that?” Anton said. “I’ve got a self-timer on the camera.”

I gave Anton a look that said, “Come here.”

He attached the camera to the tripod. He took off his shirt, and sat on the bed next to me. We kissed. The kissing got hot and passionate pretty quickly. I ran my hands over Anton’s chest, and played with the muscles around his shoulders.

He began undoing the hooks on my corset, and just as he opened it enough that my breasts were bare, I said, “Aren’t we going to get this on camera?”

Anton stopped and smiled. He got up, went to the camera, and clicked a couple of buttons. The camera made a little buzzing sound, and he came back over to kiss me again, and play with my tits. All of a sudden the camera snapped. I now had one picture for Grant of me making out with another man.

Grant has taken some pictures of me having sex with other guys before, but this was the first time that I was doing this without his previous knowledge. I was taking a chance that he would enjoy the pictures, and the surprise, and that he would not get mad.

My corset soon was discarded, along with the panties. I kept my thigh-high hose on for the sake of the pictures. Anton was kissing me all over my body, and every now and then he would get up to set the camera for another picture.

“Do you think your husband would like some pics of me licking your pussy?” he asked.

“I’m sure he would,” I said.

So, we got several pictures of me laying back with Anton’s face buried between my thighs. He would lick a while, then get up to start the delayed timer on the camera. We took pictures of him with his tongue in my pussy, and some with my fingers tangled through his hair. We must have gotten 8 to 10 photos of him eating my pussy. He actually made me cum, but we didn’t get that on camera, unfortunately.

I was very wet by this time, of course. I wanted more stuff on camera for Grant, so I told Anton to undress. He was quickly naked, and good and hard. “Can we get some fuck pictures?” I asked. I was feeling pretty damned bold.

I laid back on the bed, and Anton entered me easily. We moved together for a while, with him between my legs. It was a little more difficult for Anton to get up and start the camera timer, and then get back in time to be inside me. But, we did manage to get a couple of shots like that.

I didn’t want him to cum inside me, and besides, I knew that Grant would appreciate some good ‘facial shots.’ So, I asked Anton to bring the camera close while I gave him a blow job. He didn’t mind that one bit. With the camera nearby on its tripod, I sucked Anton’s cock. Doing this, it was easy for him to set off the timer. We got some great cock-sucking pictures.

I asked Anton if his camera could take video, and he told me it could. I said, “How about you just start a video rolling, while I suck your cock. I’d like a video of you cumming on my face. He turned a switch on the camera and started it recording in video mode. I went back to sucking him. I could tell that he was ready to cum, so I kept it up with my mouth and hand until his thick juices were falling onto my lips and chin. He had quite a lot of cum, and it covered my face quite a bit. I knew that the camera was capturing the whole scene, so I smiled into the lens, and with a thick stream of cum dripping slowly down onto my tits, I said, “Happy Anniversary, Darling!”

When I got home, Grant was unaware of what my afternoon had entailed. I gave him a hello kiss when I walked through the door, and I was hopeful that he did not smell cum on my breath. He totally believed that I had been out shopping for his gift. Well, in a way, I was.

A few days later, I met Anton for lunch, and he gave me a CD with all the pics, a DVD one the cumshot movie, and also a framed 8 x 10 of one of my lingerie shots. When I presented the gift to Grant yesterday morning, he was thrilled with the framed picture. Then, I showed him the other pictures on the computer. He loved them!

Finally, I said, I got a DVD for you to see, too. He also watched that on his computer, and I held my breath as he watched a very nice movie of me sucking another guy’s cock and getting a full cum facial. What was he going to say?

He said, “Oh, my God! That is so damned sexy!” He watched it three more times, and then said, “I hope you’ll be wearing that pink thing when I get home from work tonight!”

You bet I will!!!