This article is from Swing Lifestyle, Oct. 24, 2016.

At first glance, it would seem ‘obvious’ that hotwife where a woman has sex with men other than her husband, but with her husband’s knowledge, consent and often at his urging would be disastrous for any marriage, no matter how strong.The reasons men are so often drawn to encouraging their wives to become hotwives is complex, but it boils down to biology and the way they’re made. In other words, they don’t choose their fantasy: their DNA chooses it for them.And it’s this factor most women miss when their man asks them to indulge them in the fantasy.Which is a shame, because if couples approach it in the right way, then hotwifing can dramatically improve and enhance a marriage.

Here are three benefits of hotwife in a Relationship:

1. Better Communication.

Most couples don’t communicate, not at any deep or meaningful level. But one of the fundamentals of successful hotwifing is talking to each other.Not only do you need to establish the ‘ground rules,’ but for most men, it’s imperative their wives share the explicit details of their extra-marital sexual encounters.By sticking to these crucial rules, it vitally forces couples to communicate more effectively about other things, too. This can only be good for a relationship.

2. Better Sex for Her.

Let’s face it, one of the problems with every relationship is sex tends to get boring and routine. We all feel it… but no one wants to talk about it. It’s the elephant in the room.But hotwife can change all that. Because the wife is having sex with new or infrequent partners, and biology dictates that’s going to be hot, exciting and adventurous sex. And the ‘naughtiness’ of the whole situation only adds to the heat, especially if the man is present or listening from the next room.

3. Better Sex for Him

Many women worry when their men bring up the subject of hotwifing that the man is simply doing it as a roundabout way to getting ‘permission’ to sleep with other women.Your relationship will improve. You’ll experience more physical and emotional intimacy, and you’ll end up having better sex, having it more often and being more adventurous when you do it. I know I speak for other husbands of hotwife when I say there’s nothing quite so fast to turn men on as when hotwife uses her lover’s name while she’s making love.
4.Your wife will bloom.

This is a hard one to explain and describe, but an easy one to spot. Women love to be found attractive; what’s more, they love to be the woman of a strong and confident man. And by being a hotwife, she’s getting the best of both worlds her lovers build her self-esteem because they find her attractive and obviously you must be a strong and confident man to let her go out and spread her wings, so to speak. You’ll notice how she becomes more aware of herself, more sexually adventurous, and starts to take even more pride in her appearance.

5.Your own self-esteem will skyrocket.

This is something every man I know whose wives go down the horrifying path. For one thing, you become even more proud of your wife as she does start to bloom and your feelings of love and devotion for her increase. It’s strange, but even though most hotwives husbands have their wives’ permission to sleep with other women, few do.