I met Jack on our favorite swingers’ site, swinglifestyle.com. We made a lunch date, and I was pretty sure it was going to turn into an afternoon of hot sex.

He told me that he hadn’t been with a woman for over a year. That was a pretty good ice-breaker. We had a nice, casual talk during lunch. Afterward he drove me to a hotel, where he already had a room.

I brought a small bag of supplies for setting the mood. I lit a candle, turned down the lights, and put on some soft music. Jack came over to me, and we started kissing. We kissed a lot. I love kissing! He removed my top and my jeans.

We fell back onto the bed. His kisses were passionate, almost hungry. He was all over me, kissing and caressing my breasts, neck and face. My bra and panties were soon discarded. After more kissing, he moved down, and started licking my pussy.

His technique was very different from my husband’s. While Grant centers his tongue on all my erotic places, Jack’s tongue moved up and down like a penis.

Jack really enjoyed licking my pussy, and I loved his doing it. Then he said he wanted to fuck me. He apologized for his use of the word, but I told him that it was okay. It was appropriate for the moment.

I straddled him, cowgirl style. I don’t know if it was nervousness, or what, but it was difficult for him to keep his erection. These things don’t affect the mood for me in the least.

I got off of him and started sucking his cock.

I thought it would be fun to masturbate in front of him. He said he liked watching that. I did it until I came, and he put his face right up to my pussy as I whimpered and moaned!

He began to play with his cock, while I watched. Then, I kissed him deeply. His cock got good and hard. When he got close to cumming, I put my face right up near his cock. He came fast, and I got a lot of his cum on my face.

Afterward, he licked my pussy some more. His face was saturated with my wetness. I came again, and laughed out loud, as I tend to do when I cum. He thought that I was laughing at him, but I told him that I usually laugh when I cum. It’s just a joyous release.

After all the sex, we showered and dressed. One of my stockings had gotten a hole in it, so I gave it to him as a parting gift. He liked that.