I made a dinner date with a nice guy named Brad. Grant had chatted with him a little on Swing Lifestyle.com. He usually did this if he hadn’t already met the guy in person. That way, he could get a feeling for what kind of person he was.

As I was on my way out the door, Grant said, “If you should happen to end up at Brad’s apartment, I happen to know that he has a webcam in his bedroom. I wouldn’t mind if he happened to turn it on.” “Wow!” was all I could say.

At the coffee house, Brad and I chatted about simple stuff, and then

I told him that, if we ended up at his apartment, my husband would like to watch everything on the webcam.

He said, “Oh, then let’s go!”

His apartment was in disarray because he was redoing his kitchen. We kissed between a non-working sink and an out-of-place refrigerator. We went upstairs to his bedroom. Brad logged in to Swinglifestyle.com, and turned on the webcam. Sure enough, there was Grant on the other end. He didn’t have his own webcam on, but he wrote, “Hey! I can see you!”

He could see me, but there was no microphone. So, I typed, “Hi, Sweetheart.” Then, I started doing a strip for him, and for Brad.  I didn’t feel shy, for some reason. I slowly pulled off my top and my bra.

Grant wrote, “Wow! You look beautiful!”

I smiled at him, wrote, “Thank you!”

Then, in view of the camera, brad came up behind me and began playing with my breasts!

It was amazing that Grant wanted to see on webcam all the action taking place in Brad’s bedroom! He watched us both get naked, then kiss and caress each other. He saw us move toward the bed. Brad made sure that the webcam could get the whole view.

I asked Brad to sit on the side of the bed, and I kneeled in front of him, sucking his cock. I knew that the webcam could see me from the back. Grant was getting a clear view of the back of my head going up and down in Brad’s lap.

After while, Brad moved up onto the bed and asked me to come up and straddle his face. I was plenty wet, and I think I coated his face pretty good with my juices. I threw my head back, and massaged my own breasts. I thought that would look nice on webcam for my husband’s enjoyment.

Then, Brad got up and had me lay down. He climbed on top and put himself inside me. He felt nice; I liked his movements. All of a sudden I thought of Grant at home watching this! What was he thinking and feeling about all of this?

I was very excited when I looked at the screen, and read the words, “Oh my God, that is so erotic!” He was enjoying the show! That made me even hornier!

Brad and I switched places again, with me on top. He fucked me for the camera, and I gave it extra enthusiasm. Then Brad came inside me, and that made me cum, also!

When, I got home, Grant told me that it was the most erotic show he’d ever seen; better than any porn movie. I couldn’t help it. I had to make love to him with the smell of the other man still on me!