I thought I would never get out of the office! I had agreed to meet a sexy new man, Don at an Italian restaurant after work, and the rendezvous was set for six p.m. The clock was now inching toward five thirty, and I was still trying to finish last minute paperwork.

I had met Don on www.SwingLifeStyle.com . In his pictures, he looked pretty damned handsome—dark hair, strong chin, and a nice smile. In two of his pictures he wore glasses, but in the one without glasses, I could see that he had sexy, gray eyes.

We had chatted several times on the site, and his online banter was good. I like a man who can construct a coherent sentence and doesn’t take ten minutes to type a single thought. He had a quick wit—playful and slightly sarcastic. I liked him immediately, and kind of made up my mind I would fuck him if I got the chance. The only thing was that he was young—probably late thirties. Certainly, younger than me, and I was afraid that Grant would nix this one.

“Sure. Go for it!” Grant said.

Whew! Passed that hurdle! I had told Grant that it was only dinner, and that nothing else was going to happen—at least not for now.

That day, at work, several people had commented on how I was dressed. I always try to dress nice for work, as it’s part of my job. On this day, I dressed a little sexier than usual. Actually, a lot sexier than usual! I wore a maroon jacket and matching short skirt. The neck-high, white blouse I usually wore with this outfit was abandoned in favor of a very low cut, scoop-necked chemise. My coworkers probably thought I was going to an interview for a new job. Of course, I couldn’t tell them that I was meeting a man for dinner, not my husband, and I might just want to fuck him!

When I finally got out of the office I was met with a brisk, first-day-of-summer breeze. Even in the wind, my face felt flushed and warm. I was excited and nervous driving to my rendezvous.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I began to wonder if Don would even be there. If he weren’t, I would just treat myself to a nice lunch. But, I scanned the parking lot and saw the red Sunfire that he had told me to look for. Game on!

I entered and asked the hostess if Don had arrived. “Are you Maya?”


She directed me to his table. Don stood up immediately. He was wearing jeans and a pastel-colored oxford shirt. His dark, sandy hair was trimmed nicely, and he was of medium build and height. He wasn’t seated in any of the booths, but more bistro seating, wrought iron chairs at a round marble tabletop. I wasn’t aware of much else, as I just concentrated on greeting Don as warmly as I could.

We shared a brief hug, and he asked if I was as nervous as he was. Of course, I was, and I told him so. I feared I was talking too fast, or sounded too flippant. I hadn’t hemmed and hawed so much in a conversation since my mother had caught me shortening my skirt in junior high!

I was very aware of his direct gaze at my cleavage. He apologized for staring.

“Excuse me, but I’m trying my hardest to keep my gaze up.” he said.

Now that I was out of the office, I had opened my jacket to let the lacy chemise show. I guess it showed more than I realized, as he had a hard time keeping his eyes off my boobs.

We didn’t get to talking about anything sexual right away.  We talked about our work, our families.  I asked him about his Australian girl and he shared some things about her, but was afraid to get committed because she’d be leaving in a few years.  I wanted to tell him that that shouldn’t stop him, but I thought that might be rude to tell him.

Sometime during dinner I asked if he had any pets.  He said he had a goldfish.  I told him that he needed a “warm, fuzzy” pet.  He started to interpret this is a totally different way, so always one to take advantage of an opportunity, I elaborated on the kind of pet he needed.  “A warm, fuzzy, soft pet,” I said.  “A kind of pet who’ll purr when you pet it just the right way, when you know how to stroke it.”

“Oh, stop,” he said.  “You’re terrible!”

I continued, “A pet who loves to cuddle up next to you, who arches its back and moans with pleasure at your every touch.”  His eyes were bright and interested as I said these things.  I smiled at the effect these words had on him.

We finished dinner and he asked what I wanted to do.  I said that I’d like to go for a drive in his car.  We got in the car and did a bit of heavy kissing and touching. Then he lowered the car top and we started on our way.

It seemed a perfect first day of summer; balmy yet pleasant, even with the smoke in the air.  It was surprisingly easy to converse in the car (I thought that we were going to have to yell to hear each other.)

I liked the way the wind blew in my hair, the open feeling, the way the other people in their cars seemed more accessible, yet less threatening.  I told Don that I liked it much better than a motorcycle.  He had had his time with motorcycles and he said he preferred the convertible.

I wanted to get to know Don’s taste in movies, so I asked him what some of his favorite movies were by different categories.  He seemed to enjoy the full spectrum, from light romance to Star Trek to guy adventure movies.

We drove around for a while, then he asked if I would like to see his place. “I’ll be good,” he said.  “Me too.” I also said.

He drove the car into the garage of his two level condo.  He said that he had an amazing view.  Again promising that he’d be good.  He almost apologized that it was a real bachelor pad.  The furniture was black with wrought iron frames.  The place was neat and organized–(I felt ashamed of my own careless housekeeping.)

Then he said, “Pick a stairway. I’ll show you the view.”

I chose a stairway and it was the one that went to the bedroom!  I acted very casual about this and said, “Nice bed”.  He led me to the balcony and it was indeed a nice view.  It overlooked San Rafael park and all of downtown Reno, looking south!  I told him that I was impressed with the view.

He stood behind me and put his arms around my waist, while he started to kiss my neck and tickle my earlobes.  This he did for awhile.  Then, I turned around and told him,

“Well, we can be a little bad.” and we kissed and caressed each other.  Then plain old horniness took over.  We moved back inside his room and fell onto the bed, all the while continuing to kiss and caress each other.

“I think we are way, too weak.”  I told him.

In a quick time, we were undressed and we masturbated each other.  I was wet in no time, and he was ready for anything.  We did a little 69, then I started giving him a bj.  He told me that he had fantasized about this for a long time.  I couldn’t say much!

Then I asked him to sit at the edge of the bed and I kept sucking his cock, while I masturbated.  I told him that I wanted to give him something he could remember me by through the summer.  After awhile, I asked him to masturbate and I told him to cum on my tits.  He did this and at the last moment, I gave him more head and I came in several spasms and moans.

We held each other for a moment in kind appreciation.  He offered his shower and we took a quick shower together, small hugs and kisses exchanged.

All this time, the window was open, but everyone was at least 1/8 of a mile away, there’s no way anyone could see us.  This gave me a real feeling of freedom and release.  He folded my clothes neatly on the bed as I dried off.  I thanked him for that and for everything else.

He offered me a soft drink and then we went back to his car. He spoke more about his life.  His young and wild times, a little bit about his ex.  He seemed less of a mystery to me, and more of a friend at this point.

He brought my back to my car and we wished each other a nice summer, and promised that we’d continue to communicate via email. I felt warm and quietly alive.