I had been nervous for a couple of days before I was to meet Andrew for a special time. We had met in the chat room on SwingLifeStyle.com, and I learned that he was a submissive. He wanted me to be a light dominatrix. I had never done that before, and I thought it would be fun. I played the role in chat, and he wanted to meet to do it in person. I agreed to meet him at a local hotel.

For once, I booked the room myself, rather than waiting for the guy to do it. It was an incredible room, like the bedroom from a lavish, Italian villa! I was glad that I spent a little time in advance seeing the room and just getting used to the ambiance of the place. Booking the room, and doing all the preparation  ahead of time made me feel more in control, and I thought Andrew wanted that.

To be frank, I liked the way I looked. I thought I did pretty good considering that I didn’t even have to go to Victoria’s secret to get my ensemble. I knew that Andrew liked a bit of the S&M and I wanted to see if I could get away with trying out a little of that, inexperienced as I am in that kind of play.


I saw Andrew standing just outside the restaurant. He was dressed casually and wearing glasses. We greeted each other, and I gave him a big hug. I think that surprised him. As we walked to the table, I could feel that he was looking at my ass, and I purposely took my time.

We sat at a small booth. He fidgeted, and told me that his heart was racing. I ordered a rum and coke to take the edge off, but he didn’t drink.

I found out that he was from Ohio, and had traveled from coast to coast. We talked a little about his work as a contractor a bit. We only stayed in the restaurant about a half hour, then went to the room.

He was impressed by the room. He sat at the chair closest to the bed. At that point, I became Mistress Maya! I had a black and silver scarf, which I tied around his head, covering his eyes. He was very submissive, and let me do this! He got into role-play very quickly, and without resistance! I told him that he couldn’t see me, as I removed some of my clothes, and stood in my bra and corset. I would be gentle, but if he didn’t cooperate, I might change my mind.

He was to answer with “Yes, Mistress,” when I gave him instructions. He was no longer a building contractor, but my willing servant! I told him that if he did what I told him to do, that his reward would be to taste and suck my tits.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said.

I loved it! I had never felt in such control. Then I knelt at his feet and rubbed my hands slowly, but aggressively up his thighs and whispered, “I’ll let you kiss me, so that you could taste a little of what’s to come.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I kissed him, and he kissed me back hungrily. He didn’t touch me. He kept his hands at his side since I hadn’t given him permission to touch me. Now, it was time to amp up the pressure.

I removed his shirt and started squeezing his nipples – a little hard. He shuddered and said “Yes, Mistress.”

Then I licked them and lightly bit them. I thought that he was going to go over the edge, his reaction was so intense. I let him breathe in my scent, as I rubbed my chest over his face. His nose was in my cleavage. I started to describe to him what I was wearing. He really loved it. We kissed some more, and I rubbed myself against him as he sat in the chair.

I led him to the bed and made him lie down. I removed his jeans. I straddled him, and he took both my tits into his hands through the black and pink bra. He rubbed my torso through the corset. I told him that he was being good, and that I might let him see me. But, that I was still his Mistress.

I pulled his shorts off, took his cock into my hand and began giving him a hand-job. I wanted to tempt him and keep him guessing as to how I would make get him off. I sucked on his cock, and it wasn’t long before the little drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip of it. I took his balls into my hand and licked them too. I had previously described these actions to him in the chat room at SwingLifeStyle. So I wanted him to feel these actions in person. He didn’t want to cum yet, so he delayed.


I told him that he was being good so he could see me and taste my tits. I removed the scarf and let him look at me as I sat atop him. I was very hot in the corset, but I managed to take off the bra, leave the corset on and let it support my naked breasts. He immediately started licking and sucking my nipples. I felt like I was his most luxurious dessert he had ever eaten. He rubbed my legs through my thigh highs, and commented on how he liked them. I felt like he wanted to consume me take me into his body, He held me so tightly and kissed me so passionately.

By this time I had removed the bedspread off of the bed and exposed the sheets. I just didn’t want to leave anything on top of it. We rolled all over the bed, it might’ve looked like a tussle or something, as we discovered each other. It was familiar making love to him in the way that I sort of knew what he wanted from speaking to him online, but it was different and exciting discovering how he reacted, and feeling the intensity with which he discovered me. I never felt like I didn’t have control. Through his actions, he let me know what he wanted, but I could delay or grant him my pleasure, as I wished.

I had him lie on the bed and I proceeded to give him a blow job. He told me how he loved the way my mouth felt so hot on him. His cock hardened, but it wasn’t huge or too thick for me to take it in. He liked to tell me when he was going to cum. I continued to work him with my tongue, my mouth, my tits and he was getting harder. He started to cum and as he did, I rubbed my cleavage on his cock as he came and his cum was all over my tits.

We embraced in the unkempt bed for a few minutes. We were both sweaty and spent. He liked linking our limbs together and he tenderly kissed my hands, fingers, lips. I kissed his face and lips, eyes and stroked his hair, like I had known him forever. We seemed very comforted by each other, like a mutual agreement. We spoke about music and how uptight most Americans are about sex, and how Puritanical our society is. Basically, we just calmed down a bit.

Then he made more advances to more pleasure. Our kisses got more intense and he started to lick my pussy. He wasn’t rough but very enthusiastic. He lifted my hips up to him. I felt so close to cumming, and I asked him to put a finger in my pussy as I felt this. But I didn’t cum right away. I masturbated as he ate me until I came. I didn’t climax in waves or shots of energy, but it was a quick and intense climax.

We kissed, and our passions intensified once again. I had him get up and stand by the bed. By this time, we were both entirely naked. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it until it was once again hard. This pushed him over the edge and again he came. I allowed him to cum on my lips and chin. I wanted him to get a good view of his cum on my face and remember how I looked with his juices dripping down.

He moaned, and grunted and literally growled with pleasure. He pushed me hard against him as the climactic spasms washed over his body. He was weak with pleasure and he had to sit on the chair, so as not to collapse!

I went to get a towel to dry off and we laid on the bed again. I had never removed my thigh highs, and he liked to play “footsie.” We talked about nothing in particular again and he complimented my love-making. I told him that I loved his passion. I also told him that I was nervous about our meeting. I worried that he was a cop, or something. I tried to make it a joke.

I could tell that he immensely enjoyed himself. I let him know that I enjoyed myself as well. I didn’t act needy or say anything like “I hope we meet again.” or anything like that, but I hinted saying things like, “Next time, I’ll bring you a cock ring and more toys.”

He liked that! I initiated a shower and we were together in that lovely two-headed shower for two! (Two heads are better than one!) We kissed and caressed some more.

We dressed and I kissed him goodbye and said thank you.

“No. Thank YOU!” is what he said to me. I told him that I was going to straighten up the room a bit and stay for awhile. He left, a happy man.