Grant and I had been swingers for about a year. We had always played together in the same room; just couples swap. This time was different. This was my first time playing with another man, while my husband wasn’t there.

In the summer of 2001 there was a big convention for swingers in Las Vegas. It was billed as The Vegas Lifestyles Convention, and it was held at one of the biggest casinos in the area. Grant and I were very much looking forward to going. There would be vendors selling all kinds of products for swingers, dances, adult entertainment, private and public parties, seminars, and even Topless Bowling!

The only problem was that Grant had to work. He tried to get out of it, but couldn’t. Very disappointing!

Grant said, “Well, you can go alone if you want.”

But, I didn’t want to do that. Then, an amazing thing happened! We got an email from Vince, the male half of a couple that we had met at a previous swingers’ party. Vince said that his wife, Susie was not able to attend the Lifestyles Convention, but she was allowing him to go alone. What a coincidence! That made two of us.

Grant is the one who came up with the next great idea! He suggested that, since he couldn’t go, and Susie couldn’t go, why don’t Vince and I go together? Woah! This was a major step into a new level of our swinging life.Grant was advocating that I go to this swinger’s convention with another man.

I was surprised, to say the least. Not quite shocked, but definitely intrigued! Grant and I talked about how it made logical sense from a convenience standpoint. He couldn’t go. Susie couldn’t go. Vince and I could. Mark said it seemed like a natural solution. That way, I could enjoy the convention, including the dances and the parties. I wouldn’t have to miss all that just because he had to work.

“Vince’s a decent guy,” Grant added. “I trust him.”

“Trust him to do what?” I asked. “Or to not do what?”

Grant laughed also. “I trust him to show you a good time in my absence.”

“What if he wants to . . . you know . . . . get sexy?” I asked.

Grant said. “If it goes in that direction, you guys can do whatever you like. Just because I’m not there it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.”

“I mean, what if he wants to . . . go all the way?”

“Like I said,” Grant smiled, “Whatever you like.”

I couldn’t believe it! Grant was actually saying that I could fuck Vince if I wanted to. I just didn’t know yet if I wanted to. I figured that I would make up my mind the night of the convention.

When the time arrived, I was amazingly calm. I expected that anything might happen, or nothing might. I knew I would be safe, at least. Grant had not only accepted my going out, he had encouraged it! So, whatever happened, I would just have fun.

As I put on my make-up and took so much time styling my hair, I felt a little guilty that I didn’t spend so much time getting ready for outings with my husband. After all, it wasn’t Grant that I was going out with, it was another man. I felt excited by this. This man was a man I knew was attracted to me and I was to him.

Mental note to self: spend more time glamming up for hubby!

I thought about the time when I had helped another woman give her husband a ‘birthday massage.’ When I came home to Grant, I was sooo horny! I hoped that I would feel the same way when I got home to him after this Swingers Convention. I wanted to build up my anticipation to the point of sweet pain–pain and desire to be with my husband.

When I first got to the convention, I couldn’t find Vince. I tried to go upstairs to the Grand Ballroom area, but I wasn’t allowed because I didn’t have a wristband. I was about to call up to Vince’s room when he walked up from out of nowhere. We gave each other a strong hug and a little peck on the cheek. (Actually, he hugged me quite strongly.)

I had thought I was wearing a revealing dress until I got to the convention. The hallway, elevators and Grand Ballroom areas were closed off for Lifestyle people only and many of the men and women wore costumes and clothing only seen in fantasy sex movies!  Vince and I both tried not to stare too much, but obviously everyone wore attire to attract a lot of sexual attention. Men and women in role-playing costumes like gypsies and pirates, maids, nurses, a man being gently pulled on a leash by his lady who wore black patent leather straps around her breasts.  Men and women of all sizes, ages ethnic groups. Couples, single women, women-couples. Everyone out to have a good time. I told Vince that I never went to any of the school proms and that this certainly made up for it. As we entered the ball room, I told Vince, “This is better than any freaking prom!!”

There must have been around a thousand people there! Tables were set, gold, purple and green star and moon-shaped Mylar balloons and regular balloons decorated tables and the dance floor all around, After I checked my purse and shawl, we sat at a table. Vince held my hand very gently and we talked like old friends. We talked about the Lifestyle, about his wife, and about Grant. We talked about our days of youth. He told me that he had been tall and skinny and he didn’t date. How he used humor to charm people.  I told him briefly about my teenage years. I told him that I wish I had known then what I know now, but of course, if I did, I would’ve been in a lot of trouble all the time!

He admitted that he was nervous, but that it was my night and we could do whatever I wanted. At some point after our initial talk, he took my hand in his and started licking the back of my hand between my fingers. I closed my eyes and loved this very much. I could picture Grant doing the same thing, and although I desired Grant to be the one licking my fingers, it was exciting that it was Vince doing it.

I drew closer to him and we kissed deeply and warmly, his tongue tasting mine, a little familiar, yet very new. He hugged me tightly and I him. He said that I felt right in his arms and that I could stay hugging and holding me like that forever.  I felt safe, adored and comfortable–amazing.

I don’t know if it’s because we’re in the lifestyle, or that Grant gave me permission to be with him, but I didn’t feel I was doing anything wrong. More than anything I felt like I was with an old friend–a friend who liked to go beyond a handshake or hug. I felt a lot like how I dis the night progressed, some of the dancers removed more clothing and became more sexual in their movements–especially the ladies.

I felt like he was ready to cater to my every need. But I didn’t want to abuse this pleasure. I was surprised that when I asked the DJ to play “La Vida Loca”, and he didn’t want to, Vince put a $20.00 bill in front of the DJ’s face and said, “You will play “La Vida Loca”.” The DJ said nothing and two songs later we danced to it. (The crowd cheered after that song was done!)  I gave Vince a big hug and kiss after that song.

We watched the costume contest winners get their prizes. Vince said that the women with the biggest boobs would win. Well, that was almost true. The devil/angel couple won. (Her boobs were exposed); the girl with the see-through gold Cleopatra costume won for best lady; and the “three musketeers” won for the men. (The guys decided to give the prize to the lady who made their costumes!)

We went back to our table for more heavy petting and kissing. I kept waiting for more advances from him to go further, but he didn’t. I didn’t either. That didn’t bother me, I loved all the attention with kisses, hugs and massages he gave me.

The DJ announced that the next dance would be “ladies only”. The guys enthusiastically left the floor to allow the ladies to dance. I had no partner, so I just started improvising on my own. A man led his lady to me and asked if I would dance with her. He also told me that she couldn’t see very well. I introduced myself to her and danced with her, occasionally touching her waist and hips. She was kind of reserved, but not new to the LS. This was her second year at the dance. A small sexy line of ladies started dancing in a very close-knit conga line of sorts. I joined them and led my dancing partner to be behind me. That was pretty tame, compared to some of the tit-to-butt action that was taking place elsewhere.

Vince said that he didn’t know why but it was a real turn-on for men to see women together. I told him it took me a while to admit that it was a turn-on to me, too.

I asked him what was his fantasy. This caught him by surprise. He stammered and I said, “Oh, you have a lot, you don’t know which one to tell me?” He said, exactly. One of his fantasies is to have two women with him. I told him that one of mine was the Poker Game. I planted that little seed and hoped that it would grow! I told himhow well you had done the Poker Game for me. I told him that I was almost convinced that there were two other guys in our dining room as I came out of the tub!

During our conversations, Vince would stroke my neck, my shoulders my legs. Sometimes we sat, knee touching knee. Our kisses were hot; I ran my fingers through his hair, which was wet from sweat. I rubbed his back and ran my fingernails up and down his back. He gave me such deep looks of interest and we would go at it again, like a couple of high school kids. He told me that he loved just laying down with His wife holding her and stroking her. I told him that he was very huggable. And I did, in fact feel warm and protected in his arms.

We left the dance to go find something to eat. I didn’t even know that it was later than 1 am! We walked out to the casino, but all the restaurants were closed. I had hoped that there would be a band there, but all that was there was a white grand piano “playing” a recording of a song–damn not even a real, live piano player!

We checked out the bowling alley which was going to have topless bowling. I had a turkey sand, Vince just had an iced tea. We just watched the bowling from a distance. It was funny to see all these people in their risqué outfits with bowling shoes!

After a few hours at the Lifestyle convention, we decided to go to a local ‘Gentlemen’s Club.’

In the center of the club was a baby-grand piano, which served as a fancy stage for a pole-dancer.  She was a beautiful blonde, topless, buxom, and wearing just a thong. She had beautiful, creamy skin. I liked how slow and sexy her moves were. I imagined myself doing that kind of striptease on our piano at home.

“Let me know if you want a girl to do a lap dance for you.” said Vince.

“Really?” I said. I hadn’t even thought of that, but the idea was enticing!

Vince and I sat at the stools directly around the piano. We started petting and kissing so much, we didn’t notice when they changed dancers.

A gorgeous brunette was now dancing around the pole. Her dark eyes met mine–just for a second, but it seemed to go right through me.

“Did you see that eye contact?” I asked Vince.

“I sure did,” he said.

When the girl finished her dance, she came to our table. She asked if we’d like her to dance. Vince told her he’d like a lap dance for both of us. She asked, “Who first?” Vince said she should dance for me first. I couldn’t utter a sound. I was so surprised.

She gently moved my knees apart so that she could dance right between them.

Her skin was peaches and cream. Flawless.  A flowery perfume emanated from her. Her straight, chestnut colored hair hung below her shoulders — breasts perfect, nipples dark pink. Her makeup was subtle but dramatic, her lips a maroon gloss, and her eyes dark and sultry.

She leaned over me, her head and chin almost resting on the top of my head, her breasts eye level to me, and close. So close that I could have licked them. Her hands were on my shoulders. I was carried away in the experience.She pressed each breast against my breast, almost as to say “Feel how good I feel against you.”

Then she lifted each leg , the calf resting on my shoulder. She also gave me a good view of her lovely ass, trimly decorated by a shiny white g-string. She also rubbed her back against my chest. Her head below my chin–this is when I subtlety but purposely leaned in to smell her hair. It was clean smelling and erotic–I recognized the shampoo as one I had used before many years ago.

One of the most erotic moves was when she got in front of me, and bent at the knees, down, down, she allowed her head to move forward, towards my crotch and at the last moment, moved her hair against my crotch and inner thighs!

I looked over at Vince at this moment. He smiled and had a very amused and horny look in his eyes. This intensified the moment for me. I thought I was going to be analytical as she danced for me, but I couldn’t. I admired her abilities, but I was never jealous. I was drawn to her as a curiosity, but never lusted for her. I enjoyed it that Vince was enjoying watching me get a dance, and might have felt lustful because of it. Not being able to touch her made her more valuable–like not being able to touch a Picasso or and Van Gogh. That what she was, living art demonstrating what could be in sex, in lust, in love, for anyone, man or woman.

I was almost afraid to breathe. I almost wanted to be statue-like for her, because for a moment, I was afraid my presence would offend her. I quickly tried to dispel that thought.

After she was done, she said, “Now you want me to dance for your husband?”

“Yes.” I said without skipping a beat.

She did many of the same moves for Vince, but since I was still trying to get over the fabulous shock of my experience, I didn’t pay as much attention to how she danced for him. He did look so appreciative, and frequently looked my way and smiled when she got especially close to him with her tits. Later, Vince said, “Just one little lick–I just wanted to do one little lick, it was so close.”

After she danced, she sat with us for a moment and chatted. She asked where we were from. I told her Reno and that we had been at the Lifestyles convention. She said that she had heard about that. I didn’t add much to the conversation accept to tell her thank you and that she danced beautifully.

Vince and I sat close together once again. I told him that the dancer was amazing and so erotic!  I kissed him and thanked him for asking her to dance. We had to wait longer for the seating in the main room. A wave of lust came over us again, and the petting turned into him licking my fingers and me sucking on one or two of his. I wondered if things were going to go a bit further and then I interjected that Grant was ok with almost anything, but we had agreed no penetration (that was one of our rules, which I would later break!)

Vince stopped and said, “I’m not bullshitting when I say we don’t have to go any further if you don’t want.”  I didn’t feel ready to instigate anything further, so I just said “ok” and hugged his neck. He seemed very happy just holding and caressing me.

The dance must have really made us feel more lustful. He removed one shoulder of my dress and started licking and gently biting one of my nipples. We got totally caught up into it–I even ignored the fact that we were in a public place–a bouncer came to us and asked us to not be affectionate in the club. I felt a little embarrassed that we had been asked to stop, I didn’t even look around to notice if anyone else in the club felt offended at our displays.

Vince wondered why they didn’t want public displays of affection. I told him I thought that was strange when it seemed that they wanted the dancers’ actions to inspire seduction. We both concluded that such displays took away from the dancers and that that’s why the club was there, for the dancers to show their craft.

We finally went to the main room. This is where the dancers really showed their stuff! The stage was small and intimate, but the room was large. Table-clothed tables abound, with comfy chairs, subdued lighting.  There was nothing sleazy about it, at all. Several young women were seated at the front and of course the men out-numbered the women. Vince and I sat fairly close to the stage.

Vince told me that his wife had gotten really turned-on when a dancer danced for her. He said he wanted me to get to the front of the stage like his wife had done and give a dancer a tip. The dancers received their tips by the giver putting the tip in their mouth, the dancer moves close enough for her to cup her breasts around the dollar, and receive it. The giver’s nose is right in her cleavage!!

I told Vince that I wasn’t ready. The right “contact” had to be made.

After seeing about 5 dancers, a petite blonde dancer by the name of Leyla came on stage. There was something I liked about her. I think it was the profile of her face and her dark eyes. Her face was finely chiseled. Her nose small and a little upright. She styled her hair a lot like Cybil Shepherd did in “Moonlighting”. It was almost shoulder-length and soft curls framed her delicate face. Her lips were full and richly painted. But what attracted me most were her eyes. They were very dark–almost black–a contrast to her fair skin and features.

I think I looked at her face more than her dancing. I don’t know if she felt me looking at her, but suddenly, she stared at me intently as she moved. I didn’t turn my gaze away, as I wanted to see how long the contact was. It probably was about 5 seconds but it felt like minutes.

“Did you see that look, Vince?”

“Oh yeah.” he said.

“I think this is it. I think I’ll sit at the stage, now.”

“Ok, you go, girl”

And he gave me a fiver.

I sat at the foot of the stage with the folded bill in my mouth.

Leyla slid over to me–like a sexy cat.

She had a breast on either side of my mouth and she squeezed them to pick up the bill between them. Then she said something, I didn’t hear and slinked away, never missing a beat of her languid, sultry dance.

My heart beat sooo fast, and I saw spots before my eyes! I didn’t expect such a bodily reaction from myself. When I got to the table by Vince, I was shaking. It was a feeling that could’ve almost carried me away–I was so afraid and intrigued by it.

After a few minutes, Vince plopped down two $20.00 bills for Leyla to do a lap dance. We called her over and she arrived with a glass of white wine. She talked to me, asked where was I from. The basic small-talk.

Vince asked her to dance for me and right away she got into it. It was basically the same dance that Bailey did, but it felt more heightened because of the eye-contact. She started to talk to me as she approached. She told me that she was from Russia. All I could say was “Really?” I didn’t really want to talk. To me, talking spoiled the moment and talking signified some kind of social commitment.

She really leaned into me when she backed against me and rubbed herself against my chest. I was very aware of her breasts as she pressed them, individually against mine. Those deep dark eyes seemed to bore into me. I wondered if this is how she came across to everyone or just to other women.

I felt a shimmering warmth as she did her lap dance. I wished Grant could have been there. I’m sure he would’ve gotten very turned-on by it, and we would’ve been all over each other in no time.

Leyla completed her dance and took a sip of wine. I started to hand her the large tip, but she put them back down on the table and then picked them up. I don’t know if I had broken some law of protocol, but it really didn’t matter at this point.

I hugged Vince again and kissed him. Thanking him again for the special gift. We watched one more dancer then left.

I was surprised that dawn was getting ready to break. I felt a little guilty for staying out so long, but it was exciting, too. I really didn’t feel tired, but I was so anxious to get home to Grant, even if it meant waking him up to tell him some tidbits of the night.

Vince walked me to my car, and we kissed goodnight. Then he asked if he could get in my car so that we could just talk a little more. I said, “Sure. Why not?”

In the car, we started kissing and petting more than any talking. Next thing I knew, he hand his hands inside my top and was caressing my breasts. We got really hot and bothered, fogging up the windows, and I actually ended up unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock, and giving him a blow job. That was not how I intended to end the evening (or morning, as it turned out.)

I didn’t swallow his cum, but just let it drip back out of mouth, over my lips, down my chin, and onto my boobs. A little of it got on my clothes and in the end strands of my hair. I had a feeling that Grant would notice that when I got home. I hoped he wouldn’t be mad. After all, he said we could do whatever we wanted.

After wiping my face with some tissue I kept in the car, I gave Vince a final kiss for the evening, and drove home to Grant. It turned out that he was still up. He had waited up for me. He did notice a little cum stain on my top. He just smiled and said, “Very nice.” I thought it only fair that I at least give him what I had given Vince. So, I gave him my best blow job before we went to bed. The next morning, I told him all the details of my Lifestyle Convention date.