Well, I did it! I went to a swingers club with a man other than my husband! I guess I should tell you about the experience.

I HAD met Anton on the SwingLifestyle website, which is where I meet almost all of my Freinds With Benefits. at a little pub on Ventura Boulevard for drinks. I wore a cute, modestly low cut, dark blue top with side-ruching and sequin-detailed short sleeves. I also wore my favorite form-fitting skinny jeans. Unless it’s a New Year’s or Christmas party, I like to dress sexy, but casual for the swing clubs.

We shared some idle, but slightly nervous conversation over coffee before heading out to the club in Anton’s car. The club is run out of a couple’s home, which they have enlarged for swinging activities. Imagine living in a house, where every weekend there is so much sex! They maintain the place first rate, though. It’s clean, neat and discreet.

Anton paid the cover charge, and even bought a membership for Grant and I, which I thought was really sweet. We entered through a downstairs entrance.  It was only about 9pm, so there was not a lot of action yet. People were mostly sitting around chatting. Anton had brought pre-mixed Margaritas for me — yes this club is BYOB. There was a nice variety of drinks and snacks available.

Most of the other women I saw were dressed sexy-casual, like myself. However, one girl dressed as a sexy school girl, with a white top, short skirt and pigtails. A redhead dressed in a micro-mini with a bustier. She wanted everyone to dance with her, and both men and women were obliging.

There was a stripper pole set up near one of the corners. I was tempted, but decided against doing a little show. I think if I had been with Grant I would have gone for it.

Anton and I sat near the dance floor, watching some other couples dance. We talked about our years in the swinging lifestyle, and some of our more interesting encounters. It was nice to talk to someone who wasn’t a novice swinger. I told him a few of my boldest experiences with Grant and other men. Nothing seemed to shock him. He started touching me a little more, as I shared some of the hotter stories about my experiences.

Anton was very familiar with the layout of the club, so he gave me the grand tour. Although it was originally a private home, it was now quite a big club — two stories, a large Jacuzzi, two pool tables, a dance floor, and several rooms, both large and small for playing. There was a large “orgy” room. It really was a great, organized, fun and clean place!

All the other swingers were very nice. No one came on to us inappropriately or heavy-handed. After going through the grand tour, I suggested to Anton that we take a dip in the Jacuzzi. We got naked near the provided lockers. Plenty of towels were provided, and soaked into the bubbly warmth. There was another couple in the tub. They didn’t say much to us, but nodded a little “hello.”

Anton began touching me under the water. He was a little more tentative in his touching than he had been during the photo shoot. I don’t know if this was because there was another couple watching, but he squeezed my thigh below the water, and then his hand roamed up to my tits. He began playing seductively with my nipples. The jets of the tub were pointing right at my ass, and the combination of the two sensations, water jets and Anton’s nipple tweaking was turning me on.

He kissed me on the shoulder, neck and lips. I could tell that he was getting hard under the water. We stayed there in the tub, just petting and caressing for about fifteen minutes, and I felt ready to visit one of the playrooms. I made the suggestion that we move.

We had to walk through the rest of the club wearing just our towels, which was perfectly acceptable. As we were walking through the bar area, several people noticed us. I made light of it and said, “Oh, I came dressed for the occasion!”

A man sitting at the bar said he wanted to see me under the towel, so I opened the towel and gave him a show. A woman sitting by him asked if she could touch my tits!

“Why, of course, you may!” I said.

She gently took my tits into her hands, took one of them into her mouth, and swirled her tongue around my nipple! She let out a little moan of pleasure, and I think I did, also. When she was done, I gave her a little hug.

We went on to find ourselves an empty room. Anton said, “I liked watching her play with your tits!” It was apparently a real turn-on for him.

One of the rules in this club is that, if there is someone in a room and the door is open, you are welcome to watch. If the door is closed, obviously you respect their privacy. We passed a room in which a couple undressing. The door was open. The girl was a statuesque blonde. The guy was a well-tanned and buffed Asian man. We watched them for a while as they got naked, and began fucking happily, with him on top of her. Anton was getting a hard-on through his towel, and he led my hand to his aroused cock, so that I could play with it while we watched the couple.

After watching for a while, we found our own empty room. We wanted privacy, so we closed the door. We quickly discarded our towels, and were soon on top of the bed, kissing, stroking and caressing each other. Things were so hot! We didn’t have intercourse, but wanted the chance to feel each other, first. He probed my wet pussy with his finger and I continued to rub his dick as we kissed each other deeply.      We could hear the couple next door moaning as they approached their climax.

I let Anton remain lying down on the bed, while I moved down to his hard dick. I wanted to give him a BJ and I knew he wouldn’t mind that a bit! I could tell that he was feeling quite good by his moans. I think he chose to wait to cum, since after some time, he hadn’t climaxed. But I understood. Sometimes it’s good to wait for just the right time.

He proceeded to eat my pussy. And even though this felt great, I felt like masturbating in front of him. My pussy was nice and juicy after he finished, but I still hadn’t cum. I asked if he’d like to watch me masturbate while he did the same. We lay on the bed together and I finger-fucked my pussy until I came in a delirious rush of pleasure and release. Anton loved it! He loved to talk while he watched and heard me masturbate. It was sort of a cheering-on and it made me hotter to see how much he was enjoying this!          I came sudden and hard and my breathing rushed, and I continued to shudder from the climax even after I had cum onto my finger. After I came down from the rush of the climax, and we had both calmed down a bit, we decided to return to the Jacuzzi. Of course, we both cleaned up in the bed- room before leaving, as it was the courteous thing to do.

We returned to the Jacuzzi and this time we would be alone. After a few minutes a woman joined us. She was a slender, blonde woman and was very talkative and enthusiastic about the lifestyle. We learned a lot about her and how she had entered the lifestyle after her divorce. Neither of us got the feeling that she wanted to play with us, but if she had, that would’ve been ok with me, since I’m not shy around other women.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and this time dried off and put our clothes on. I was feeling a nice, mellow buzz from the drinks and after the warmth of the water. Anton suggested we return upstairs to watch others get it on again. I thought this was a good idea and figured we would go home afterwards.

Unfortunately we didn’t see anybody with their doors open for us to view, but you could tell by the sounds behind the closed doors that there was plenty of action going on. Anton wanted us to play some more in the same room that we had been in previous. We quickly peeled off our clothes and I could see his hard-on straining against his briefs. This time our foreplay and kisses were even more intensified as I could feel his hard-on now against my naked thighs and wet pussy.

“Well, let me just finish was we started” I said, as I started to go down on him.

He was lying on the bed and I was kneeling before his hard and waiting dick. I just love to watch how a dick gets redder and seems to pulse on its own with pleasure as I suck juicily away on it! I could hear Anton’s breathing rush and he gave little moans of pleasure as I sucked harder to make him cum. He had been able to “hold” back his climax all night and now it was getting time for him to release his climax. His whole body tensed as my tongue and lips worked harder to make him cum. His moans intensified and I knew that he was getting closer to cumming. He held my head and ran his fingers through my hair, and I bobbed faster and faster. Finally, that last release took over as he moaned and shuddered from his amazing climax!

I let his warm cream drench my lips and my chin and I gave him a view of my cum-facial. He had to sit down on the bed, and I continued to lap up the final drops of his cum.

We hugged and relaxed on the bed for a few minutes to catch our breath and take in the memory of our sex. We both felt satiated, sexy, warm and friendly. After a few moments, we cleaned ourselves and the floor, got dressed, and calmly left the room. Of course, if we had run into anybody else from the club, they would’ve known from the happy expressions on our faces, what we had just finished doing!