My new friend, Tad had asked me to have lunch with him on a weekday afternoon. I knew he wanted more than just lunch, and frankly, so did I. I was pretty sure this lunch date was going to turn into an afternoon of hot sex.

First of all, I thanked my husband profusely for allowing me to go, especially since he also knew that it would probably mean more than lunch. Grant will always be the love of my life, my number one, best friend, and the sweetest husband and lover I’ll ever know.

When I got to the restaurant, Tad was waiting for me and the first thing he said was, “Are you as nervous as I am?”

I told him that I certainly was. I wasn’t very hungry, so I just had a slice of apple pie and Tad had an omelet. He told me right away that he had already gotten the room. He said that he hadn’t been with a woman for over a year, and I believed him.

He was open and honest during lunch, telling me about his family. He was never at a loss for words—unusual for a guy, I think. Then, he started apologizing for his talk, fearing that he talked too much. I preferred to let him talk, because I didn’t want to get too personal talking about my own family. I prefer to keep the swinging lifestyle separate from family stuff.

After lunch he drove me to the hotel, where he already had the key to a room. The name of the hotel was Aloha Inn.

We settled in. I had brought an overnight bag in which I had some supplies for setting the mood. I lit a candle, and turned down the lights. Then, I tried to get some music started. I always like to have soft, romantic music. Unfortunately, the CD player didn’t work.

I had told Tad beforehand that I had bought a new three-piece lingerie set. I told him that he had to remove my clothing to see it.

We kissed a lot. (I love kissing!) He removed my top and my jeans, and then admired my new undies, which included black net thigh highs.

It didn’t take very long to start making out on the bed. His kisses were passionate, almost hungry. He was all over, kissing and caressing my breasts, neck and face. After a while, he started eating my pussy. His technique was very different from my husband’s. While Mark centers his tongue on all my erotic places, Tad allowed his tongue to travel and move up and down like a penis. He made several remarks about how he loved how quickly I got wet.

He liked to eat my pussy. He really seemed to be getting a thrill from it. He got his face all wet, and continued to kiss my lips. He wanted me to taste—er—me. I didn’t really taste anything, but I let him do that since it seemed to turn him on so much. He alternated between his kissing my breasts, my face, and my lips.

Then he said he wanted to fuck me. He apologized for his use of the word, but I told him that it was okay. It was appropriate for the moment. I gave him a condom and he put it on. I straddled him and then he straddled me. It was interesting to me to notice how he felt different than my husband. His cock was a bit thinner, but still felt great inside me.

I don’t know if the condom was uncomfortable for him, or what, but it was difficult for him to maintain an erection. (These things do not affect the mood for me in the slightest.) I spread on his cock some watermelon-scented oil that I had brought from home. Then, I started sucking his cock. He liked that a lot.

Neither of us came for a while. I don’t know if it was performance anxiety, or what. But, still we had a lot of fun necking and just exploring each other’s bodies.

I decided that it would be fun to masturbate in front of him. He said he liked watching that. I did it until I began to cum, and he put his face right up to my pussy as I did!

He was very apologetic for not staying hard, and for not cumming, but I tried to reassure him that it was all right. After we took a little break to talk about some other sexual experiences and ideas, we kissed some more, and pumped up the passion again.

He began to play with his own cock, while I watched. Then, I kissed him deeply. His cock got good and hard. When he got close to cumming, I put my face right up near his cock. He came fast, and I got some of it on my face.

Afterward, he licked and sucked my pussy some more. He just saturated his face with my wetness. I came again. I was quite vocal and I laughed heartily, as I tend to do when I cum. My laughing surprised him and he thought that I was laughing at him. I told him that I always laughed after, and that it was a major release, that I wasn’t laughing at anybody. I think he was surprised that I came again.

He kissed me deeply with my own juices all over his face. By this time, it didn’t surprise me, and I wasn’t resistant anymore.

We rested again, and eventually worked our way to the shower. He was afraid that his wife would smell him, since he is so close to her, while he cares for her. Our shower was quick, and except for some hugs, and necking, there wasn’t any more lovemaking. One of my stockings had gotten a hole in it, so I gave him the stocking as a parting gift. He accepted it graciously.

He drove me back to my car at the restaurant.